The period of time necessary for assembling a structure depends very much of the method used, of the number of persons involved in the project and their skills, the tools, the devices and the equipments, and of the complexity and size of the project.

Why is the construction of NLD Profile light steel framing structure so fast?

  • The time of manufacturing light steel framing structure at NLD is measured in days.
  • The assembling of the structure on the foundations is performed in a few days.
  • The NLD structure is complete (walls, floors, roof) and does not need any type of secondary structure.
  • It supposes handling a small quantity of materials.
  • The completion and finishing do not need overqualified workers.
  • You have workforce at your disposal any time you need, without depending on the busy schedule of specialists and builders.
  • The speed of assembling and finishing is amazing due to the use of prefabricated materials on the market (gypsum plasterboards, OSB, etc. ).
  • There is no time needed for the materials to dry, as it is the case in classic constructions.
  • The delays and unnecessary breaks are excluded.
  • Once the structure is assembled, the completion and finishing can be performed by separate teams in the same time.
  • The flatness and verticality are ensured by the assembling of panels in the NLD factory and the time necessary for the constant verification is substantially reduced compared to classic constructions.


The house using light steel framing structure = a few weeks vs. classic constructions = a few months
The report expressing the difference in time necessary for the light steel framing vs. he classic structure is of 1 to 4
The absolute record of NLD: house of 185 square meters with light steel framing structure, from the level of the grass – day 1 to moving – day 34.
The average duration for the construction of a turnkey house of 150 square meters is approximately 50-60 days.