The quality of the whole – the finished house – is inextricably linked to the quality of parts. The NLD structure is automatically realized with the help of a machine. The errors are ruled out and consequently, the final product – the assembled structure – is a complete three-dimensional system, which is the basis for the completion and finishing works.
A determinant factor in appreciating the quality of a building is its appearance.

The appearance

Why is the appearance of a NLD Profile structure system superior?

  • the walls are perfectly straight,
  • the surfaces are flat,
  • there are no irregularities,
  • the verticality is 100% respected,
  • The angles of 90 degrees are perfect,
  • the appearance of irregular ceiling, very common in buildings which require plaster, is eliminated.

The final result will be a modern and elegant building, with a neat appearance.


Why is a house having a NLD Profile structure more durable?

  • The resistance in time of the metal structure (over 150 years even in a saline environment)
  • The increased reliability of materials used for walls and ceilings
  • The steel is a non-combustible material, it does not rot and it is not sensible to the action of insects


Why is a house having a NLD Profile structure more safe?

  • The superior resistance to earthquakes. Newton’s second law of motion says: F = m x a. The acceleration is given by an eventual earthquake, and the small mass can lead to small forces acting upon a building with NLD Profile metallic structure.
  • The innocuity, namely the ability of a material not to cause any sickness over a large period of time: the steel and other materials used for NLD metallic structure buildings are 100% recyclable and harmless for the health.
  • The steel is non-combustible: it does not burn and it does not maintain the fire.


Why is a house having a NLD Profile structure more comfortable?

  • Depending on the chosen materials, the thermal transfer coefficient through the walls and floor is very often superior to the one obtained in the case of classical systems – bricks, concrete.
  • A constant interior micro climate is secured by the complete heat sealing.
  • The atmosphere in such a building is enjoyable, no matter the season, with small variations of temperature and relative humidity.
  • The expenses for maintaining micro climate conditions in optimal parameters are little.