The most advantageous construction method

Compared to classic structure constructions (concrete for example), the light steel framing houses are less expensive:

  • as to the initial investment
  • as to subsequent exploitation – the maintenance of the building, reparations, heating costs

How much does a light steel framing house cost?

From the initial investment standpoint, you can count on a 20% discount from the price of the completed house compared with classic construction systems.

Why is the cost of the initial investment lower in the case of light steel framing houses?

The response is the combination of the elements described below:

  • The speed of construction is 4 times bigger than in the case of classic constructions = the price for manoeuvres is reduced up to 75%
  • The team of workers has fewer members = lower costs for manoeuvres
  • Even if they are as efficient as bricks and concrete, the materials used are quantitatively fewer, cheaper, lighter and they occupy less space = lower direct and logistic prices (transport, handling, storage)
  • The NLD structure is automatically realized with the help of a machine. In consequence, the walls are perfectly straight, the surfaces are flat, the verticality is 100% respected, the angles of 90 degrees are perfect, which reduces the time necessary for finishing = lower or non-existing costs for some projects (plastering the walls in order to correct them)

Why are the exploitation costs lower than in the case of classic constructions?

  • This system is very effective in case of floods, earthquakes or fire = the altered panels can be replaced by anyone, the presence of qualified workers is not necessary
  • A longer guarantee period = studies conducted in the USA show that gauge steel resists over 150 years even in the most difficult conditions (saline environment)
  • The heating costs are substantially reduced – up to 40%: through the heat sealing of the light steel framing structure we ensure a constant interior micro climate and the light steel framing structure becomes a passive structure

Instead of heating the house in winter and cooling it down in summer, in the case of light steel framing houses we need to keep a constant temperature, which drastically reduces the quantity of necessary energy