The houses having a NLD Profile metallic structure system are buildings adaptable to any clients’ requests, any architecture, for any site.

This innovative structure is the most appropriate for building detached houses, duplexes, lined houses, social houses in a very short time, guaranteeing a superior quality from all points of view and a reduced cost compared to other construction systems.

Advantages and benefices when building a house with NLD Profile metal structure:

  • Smaller price. In the case of turnkey projects, the price of the house with NLD metal structure is 15-25% smaller as compared to houses with a classic structure. (details)
  • Very small usage and maintenance costs. The heating costs are reduced up to 60%. (details)
  • A larger floor area for the same built surface, the floor surface is with 10-20% larger as compared to the houses built with bricks, due to the reduced width of unfinished walls : 8.9 cm as compared with 25 cm (the width of the brick).
  • Excellent thermal and phonic isolation due to external insulation and to the insulation in the interior of the wall panels (great resistance at the thermal transfer of walls).
  • The time needed in order to finish the construction is significantly reduced, 4 times faster than classic structure buildings. (details)
  • Superior final construction quality. Straight walls, right angles, easy and safe installation of insulating materials. (details)
  • Safety. Increased resistance in case of earthquake due to the extremely reduced mass.
  • Resistance in time & reliability & versatility. Studies conducted in USA indicated that the structure is resistant in time (over 150 years in saline environment) and the repairs are made by simply replacing wall panels.

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The houses having a NLD Profile light steel framing structure system are buildings adaptable to any clients’ requests, any architecture, for any site.



NLD Profile is specialized in designing, producing and assembling structures for industrial, agricultural or commercial constructions.



Often, the buildings are old and their structure is altered, and this is why the solutions chosen have to be light in the first place, but also resistant and adaptable.



Due to the system and innovative technology, the possibilities of NLD profile are almost unlimited.